More All American Awards, Inc. product video set to music.

Boy, awards sure have changed in the 30 years that I’ve been in the Awards Industry. I spent my first 10 years in the industry working for a wholesale company in the industry. Then, in 1993 I decided to partner with my father (he had retired from MetLife at 55) and start All American Awards, Inc. I was an absentee owner for a couple of years, but moved back home and started managing the company.

When I first entered the industry, plaques, trophies, medals and ribbons were about the extent of what Trophy Shops offered. Now we have crystal awards, acrylic awards, custom sculptures, marble awards, cup trophies, functional awards like vases, boxes and clocks, and glass awards. The videos attached give just a few ideas of what we can do for awards that you need to have. Our website at has a huge selection of offerings.


About awardsguy

Small Business Owner of All American Awards, Inc. in Mt. Pleasant, SC (next to Charleston, SC).
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