Salesperson of the Month Awards can motivate a sales force,, All American Awards, Inc. Charleston, SC

A very cost effective method to motivate a sales force is a Salesperson of the Month program.  Certainly, one motivating factor in driving a sales force is the increased pay that generally happens with increased sales.  However, we’d like to suggest that the competitive nature of a sales person is just as much motivation as extra pay.  We believe that recognizing a “winner” for the month will motivate your sales people, and that the recognition products may in fact cost less than the higher pay.  Even when using Art Glass, Acrylic Awards or Crystal Awards, the return on the investment is great.

We think the best Sales programs include a few components:

Public Recognition – The recognition of the Saleperson of the month should happen in a group setting if possible so that everyone in the company and sales force knows who the Top Salesperson is.  Then, there should be a Perpetual Plaque in a public area that will exhibit the names of the monthly winners.

Personal Recognition – The winner should be given an award that will be easily displayed so that the Saleperson of the Month will have the opportunity to see the award regulalry.  Every time the Salesperson sees the award, they’ll be reminded of how the recognition felt.  They’ll want a repeat of that feeling.

Significant Other Support – It’s often a great idea to award a gift (besides cash) that can be shared with the significant other of the Salesperson of the Month.  Simple things like movie tickets, dinners or even weekends away (depending on your budget) can help create an atmosphere of support from the significant other.

When it’s time for you to set up an Salesperson of the Month award, please visit our showroom in Mount Pleasant, SC (just outside of Charleston, SC) so we can help you design the best possible program for your business.  If you aren’t local to the Charleston, SC area, please visit our website at and give us a call!


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