Custom medals by All American Awards Charleston, SC

We are your source for stock medals, custom medals or any other trophy and awards you may need.

Stock medals generally come in gold, silver or bronze colors and are available in multiple sizes and designs.  Most sports medals are designed to be engraved on the back for personalization.  Common engraving information may include a player name, event name and date.  Running medals may also be engraved with age group information.

Custom medals are available using methods that are time and quantity sensitive.  If needing very fast delivery time, custom medals are made by using a stock medal that has an area to receive custom printed artwork.  Generally, the stock medals will hold a 2” round insert that can be customize with custom engraving or mylar logos that can be customized with your artwork.  This option is also best if you need smaller quantities.

If you have multiple weeks before your event, many times it is most cost effective to order custom cast medals.  This option generally gives you the highest quality and very reasonable prices for a One of a kind award.  Using this option, custom shapes, custom colors and custom materials are available.


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Small Business Owner of All American Awards, Inc. in Mt. Pleasant, SC (next to Charleston, SC).
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