Custom Acrylic Awards at All American Awards

About 25 years ago, laser engravers hit the scene in the awards and recognition industry. Shortly after that, acrylic awards were developed.  At first, the acrylic awards were very plain and somewhat unimaginative as they were pretty much just square, rectangular or round in shape.  Understand, that those acrylic awards were “cutting edge” at the time! Then as the finishing process was improved, stars, teardrop and other shapes were added.

At that time, about the only way to decorate (add text and/or logos) the acrylic awards was to use a laser engraver that gave the engraving a frosted look.  As technology progressed, acrylic award options grew tremendously.  With the advent of CNC machines and more powerful lasers, very intricate shapes became possible.  Acrylic awards shaped like a logo were possible so that creators weren’t limited to just engraving the image of a logo on a standard rectangular shape.  Mixed media components using acrylic, glass, marble, wood, resin, granite, brass and aluminum added yet more possibilities when designing custom acrylic awards.  With development of direct to substraight printing, color filled laser engraving and even color transfer technology, it became easier than ever to develop distinctive custom acrylic awards.

Just as acrylic awards have improved over time, so has All American Awards in the Charleston, SC area.  With our modern equipment and our imagination, we’re able to help you develop the signature award that you’d like for your company or organization.  When it’s time to talk to someone about your awards ideas and needs, please visit our showroom in Mt.Pleasant, or visit our website at and let us help you design awards that will make you proud.

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Salesperson of the Month Awards can motivate a sales force,, All American Awards, Inc. Charleston, SC

A very cost effective method to motivate a sales force is a Salesperson of the Month program.  Certainly, one motivating factor in driving a sales force is the increased pay that generally happens with increased sales.  However, we’d like to suggest that the competitive nature of a sales person is just as much motivation as extra pay.  We believe that recognizing a “winner” for the month will motivate your sales people, and that the recognition products may in fact cost less than the higher pay.  Even when using Art Glass, Acrylic Awards or Crystal Awards, the return on the investment is great.

We think the best Sales programs include a few components:

Public Recognition – The recognition of the Saleperson of the month should happen in a group setting if possible so that everyone in the company and sales force knows who the Top Salesperson is.  Then, there should be a Perpetual Plaque in a public area that will exhibit the names of the monthly winners.

Personal Recognition – The winner should be given an award that will be easily displayed so that the Saleperson of the Month will have the opportunity to see the award regulalry.  Every time the Salesperson sees the award, they’ll be reminded of how the recognition felt.  They’ll want a repeat of that feeling.

Significant Other Support – It’s often a great idea to award a gift (besides cash) that can be shared with the significant other of the Salesperson of the Month.  Simple things like movie tickets, dinners or even weekends away (depending on your budget) can help create an atmosphere of support from the significant other.

When it’s time for you to set up an Salesperson of the Month award, please visit our showroom in Mount Pleasant, SC (just outside of Charleston, SC) so we can help you design the best possible program for your business.  If you aren’t local to the Charleston, SC area, please visit our website at and give us a call!

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All American Awards, Inc., a Trophy Shop that just isn’t any Trophy Shop in Charleston, SC

Not all Trophy Shops are created equal.  At All American Awards, Inc. in Mount Pleasant (the Charleston, SC area), we try to offer much more than what is expected.  Sure, when folks think about trophies and awards, one of the first things they think about are soccer trophies, baseball trophies, football trophies and a bunch of participation award trophies.  Sure, we can do those and for the past quite a few years, we’ve been providing the youth sports awards for the City of Charleston Recreation Dept., many of the youth awards for the City of North Charleston Recreation Dept., the Isle of Palms youth awards and even some for the Hanahan Recreation Dept.  So, we can do youth awards.

Where we excel is in Crystal Awards, Acrylic Awards, Marble Awards, Glass Awards, Art Glass Awards, Sculpture Awards and Functional Awards.  On Crystal Awards, we’re able to sand carve the text and logos, but recently, we’ve also added the ability to use full color logos and artwork on many of those designs as well.  On many of the Acrylic Awards and the Glass Awards we can use the same process.

Please visit our showroom when you get a chance so that we can show you that truly, sometimes a Trophy Shop is more than a trophy shop.  Attached, please find a short video that shows but a few of the trophy and award products that we offer.

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More All American Awards, Inc. product video set to music.

Boy, awards sure have changed in the 30 years that I’ve been in the Awards Industry. I spent my first 10 years in the industry working for a wholesale company in the industry. Then, in 1993 I decided to partner with my father (he had retired from MetLife at 55) and start All American Awards, Inc. I was an absentee owner for a couple of years, but moved back home and started managing the company.

When I first entered the industry, plaques, trophies, medals and ribbons were about the extent of what Trophy Shops offered. Now we have crystal awards, acrylic awards, custom sculptures, marble awards, cup trophies, functional awards like vases, boxes and clocks, and glass awards. The videos attached give just a few ideas of what we can do for awards that you need to have. Our website at has a huge selection of offerings.

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Crystal Awards, Acrylic Awards from All American Awards, Inc. put to music

Crystal Awards, Acrylic Awards and Corporate Awards put to music at All American Awards, Inc. a Trophy Shop in the Charleston, SC area.

Many times people come into our shop looking to give a recognition plaque to someone. Often, they come in asking for that because they have no idea what other choices there are. Often, people think that a Charleston Trophy Shop will have only plaques and trophies. They don’t realize that we offer Crystal Awards, Acrylic Awards, plaques and many other items as well. Please visit our website to see what other items we carry! Remember, with UPS and FedEx, we can ship all over the country.

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Reshooting the Name Badge video – Boy what a difference! All American Awards, Charleston, SC

As you know, we just started shooting videos for the awards industry recently.  In the last month, we’ve been improving our quality.  Please take a look at this video on name badges and name tags and let me know what you think.  I think that the production is much better than the first run.  Thanks for your help.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.  If you want to take a look at name badges, please visit our showroom in Mt. Pleasant, right outside of Charleston. In case you need it, our website is

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Crystal – The awards you present leave a lasting impression…of you!

It’s always a good idea to give a great impression,  When you decide to recognize an individual, group or company, remember that the award you give will be displayed (hopefully) long after the event and will be a reflection on you.  Cartainly, the reason you give the award is to show appreciation…and the nicer the award, the more appreciated the recipient will feel.

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Custom Trophies from Charleston, SC

In our series of informational and entertaining videos, we’ve added a novel experience. All American Awards offers quite a few custom trophies that would probably surprise you. Sure, we have the standard soccer trophies, football trophies, baseball trophies and basketball trophies. But, did you know that we offer “When Pigs Fly” trophies, “Bright Idea” trophies, “Recreating the Wheel” trophies and even “toilet trophies”. Take a look at our website or come to our showroom in the Charleston, SC area. What do you think about this video?

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Name Badges from in Charleston, SC

I’ve always known that name badges were a powerful selling tool, but as time went on, I had neglected to wear one.  Well, after creating this video on Name Badges, I started wearing one again.  Immediately, people started looking at my nametag and started asking questions about my business!  Wow…how powerful is that?  Name tags (the same product is called at least three different names…Name Badges, Namgetags, and Name Tags) are a powerful sales tool!

Please take a look at this video and let me know what you think.



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Fantasy Football Trophy Charleston, SC video

Hello Everyone,

In an effort to educate and entertain, we’ve added some videos to your website.  I’d appreciate your comments!

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